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Matt called to say that he felt our Opener prices were too high and that he could buy one at a Home Depot or Online for far less. He also stated that our spring prices are much higher than what he could get online.
A Response from: Tom Schray

Matt, Understood. Nobody can compete with big box store. Home Depot sell openers for less than our least expensive opener costs us to buy. I'm sorry that you can't understand this, but this is the reality of all small business in America. BUT, you forget our openers are brought to your door, installed the same day you telephoned us for service and all done by a professional. We make sure your door is working safely ensuring that both your door and opener will have a long working life. You want cheap stuff. Call Home Depot. You want the best products on the market with unmatched professional service. Call us.

Bryan Grammond Service Provided:
Garage Door Opener Install
Garage Door Opener

Leo was excellent. he was very professional, efficient and answered all of my questions.
Vincenza Matarangas
Leo Cornelius Service Provided:
Garage Door Repair