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A Message From the Owners

From Keith and Tom Schray,

In this time of economic uncertainty, in a short time span, many of us have gone from being fully employed to laid-off, terminated, and indefinitely without income. This situation has come about through no fault of our own and we've been instructed to stay home, bide our time, and stay the course until things have returned back to normal. 

We've been there more than a few times ourselves and want you to know that Precision is here to work with you. If you have any concerns in getting the necessary work done on your garage door, we invite you to speak with your technician about your situation and they will be able to discuss available repair options with you. We have given our technicians several options for discounts and financing in the case of true financial need during this time of economic shutdown.

We too have bills due, technicians to pay, and obligations to future customers. But in this uncertain time, it is our goal to help all those who need it, despite the short term situation we find ourselves in.

We look forward to serving you.


Tom and Keith Schray